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As her third album comes to fruition, the songs which were held back until now kick out with a vengeance into the collective consciousness. ‘Attitude is Everything’ is described as Ella Jo’s Gothic-Neo-Folk contribution to popular music. Reading the lyrics one can see why.

Embedded in the variety of songs present on the album are angsty lyrics that are intensely personal – although the actual issues are mostly hidden in the poetry. The lyrics deal with the nitty-gritty which we can all relate to, without giving personal experiences away.

In fact, the depth of the poetry contained in the lyrics of both contributing songwriters (Ella Jo and past associate Terry Bartlett), are far from depressing. They are reflective, dealing with human struggles in the process of finding identity and making ones own way in the world.

As with most Gothic material, there is intellectual influence from Punk through to Electro music, although, happily, total morbidity has been left out. There are ten songs on the album, and at times one may sense passing agony in the lyrics, although some songs are more about poking fun.

This collection of lyrical poetry touches the psyche with a refined etiquette already hinted at in the previous work. Best appreciated at midnight by candle light, in a heightened emotional state, with dark chocolate and a black lace hanky nearby!


About the Author

Ella Jo
ellajo United Kingdom

Ella Jo is an English singer songwriter, traveller, tarot reader, writer and researcher. She was born in England in 1966 and began practising Tarot in her late twenties. In 1996 she travelled to India and read Tarot on the beaches of Goa. Over the years she took her cards with her as she explored the world.

She spent three years training in counselling, after which she visited Bengal in India to research the Origins Of Tarot, published in Femspec Magazine in 2007. The training series, 'Tarot Decoded' is derived from her research and field notes. Her book 'Journey of A Tarot Reader' is also available on

She has also produced three music albums on the Diamond Seeds label :
‘Limits Of Milkweed’, ‘Alter Ego’ and ‘Attitude Is Everything’ .
Lyric books for these albums are available on Blurb.
Her fourth album, 'Almost Anglo Saxon' will be her next release and a book is planned to accompany this folk album.
She continues to work on her new album and forthcoming Tarot Books.

Publish Date  March 18, 2010

Dimensions  Pocket  40 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Poetry

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