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This is the first book in the series 'Tarot Decoded' by Ella Jo Street. In her analysis of the Magician she provides meanings for the images on the card using extensive mythological explanations and psychological theories.

This book has been produced as a training guide for those who read Tarot Cards and it contains the basic knowledge of the structure of Tarot. The series has been produced to provide sustenance for the evolution of the Tarot Reader. Inside this edition of the Magician one will find The Will, The Wisdom, The Word.


About the Author

Ella Jo
ellajo United Kingdom
Ella Jo is an English singer songwriter, traveller, tarot reader, writer and researcher. She was born in England in 1966 and began practising Tarot in her late twenties. In 1996 she travelled to India and read Tarot on the beaches of Goa. Over the years she took her cards with her as she explored the world. She spent three years training in counselling, after which she visited Bengal in India to research the Origins Of Tarot, published in Femspec Magazine in 2007. The training series, 'Tarot Decoded' is derived from her research and field notes. Her book 'Journey of A Tarot Reader' is also available on She has also produced three music albums on the Diamond Seeds label : ‘Limits Of Milkweed’, ‘Alter Ego’ and ‘Attitude Is Everything’ . Lyric books for these albums are available on Blurb. Her fourth album, 'Almost Anglo Saxon' will be her next release and a book is planned to accompany this folk album. She continues to work on her new album and forthcoming Tarot Books.

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ellajo says

The Magician is the first book from the series 'Tarot Decoded', based on my studies of Tarot.
The next book in the series will be The High Priestess.
My aim is to provide solid information for those who wish to fully understand The Tarot and improve their Tarot Readings.

posted at 09:32am Apr 01 PST

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