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Born: Providence, RI

Raised: "DMV" (D.C., MD., VA.)

Influences: Jay-Z, OutKast, Nas, B.I.G., Tupac, and Scarface.

Artistic style: A perfect mixture of "East Coast" and "Dirty South" rap style. I grew up right in the middle in the D.C. area.

Body of work: I have completed two full solo albums, one group album, and have been featured on many album projects. I've shot two music videos; "Choppa City" & "Call the Police and Cold City". "Choppa City", and "Call the Police" has a total of 25,000 combined views on YouTube and MySpace. I have performed in a number of clubs in D.C. including Club PUR, and The Island Cafe. I have been featured in the film "Bring em out".

Goals: To become an establish artist, writer and producer.


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Michael Avon
michaelavon Upper Marlboro, Maryland
August 1, 2002. It is a day that I will always remember. A motorcycle accident left me a 24 year old trying to make sense of a body I no longer knew. Both of my legs were amputated, I lost the use of my fingers, and I had extensive surgeries to correct what speed and poor decision-making took from me. Instead of living in perpetual depression, I found a new passion. I became a photographer. My artwork, my photography, is more than just taking pictures, it is a story of overcoming adversity. My life is a testament to the beauty in the simplest mundane occurrences. A motorcycle accident left me legless, but in my tragedy I found a new life. I learned to appreciate the good and bad that happens during each individual’s journey. My perspective pushed me through the hard times, and my attitude gave me the ambition to pursue my dreams. More importantly, I learned the merit of dedication and determination.

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