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As a portrait photographer, you are never too sure what your subjects are really thinking when they are having their photograph taken.

Are they thinking about their day to day problems, concerns, loves and hates at that moment in their lives or are they simply thinking about being in front of the camera.

Da Vinci's enigmatic Mona Lisa has been scrutinised and discussed over many years because of the ambiguity of the sitter's expression, which has contributed to the continuing fascination with what she may be thinking.

With this in mind and over a two year period, I took a series of photographs limiting myself to using a 50mm lens on my camera and only natural light.

Choosing to photograph people in the Arts such as actors, musicians and artists, I provided them with a blackboard and chalk and asked each person to write down what they were thinking at that moment. I then photographed them with their blackboard thought, so that there would be no doubt in the mind of the viewer what the subject was thinking when they were having their photograph taken.

Finally, I recorded them while they elaborated on the words that they had written on the board, giving a greater insight into what was on their mind. Their explanation sits alongside each photograph in this book.


About the Author

Will Wilkinson
Wilky UK
Awards : Associate of the Royal Photographic Society Career : Early life spent in Surrey and Berkshire, spent 16 years at boarding school. Played cricket, cricket and more cricket until I discovered girls, drink and partying. Have always been interested in all forms of Art and Music, with probably my biggest influence being David Bowie, as he has been for many over the years. Interested in all forms of modern art. Can’t remember a significant moment when I picked up a camera, except several times I have put it down to do something else, but have always come back to this medium. One of my first jobs was in London working in the Kings Road...a fun job in the 70’s. Was on the books of a couple of Model Agencies in London. I am primarily a music and portrait photographer, but also involved in commercial work.... and to keep me busy, I have a few personal projects on the go at any one time.

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