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'Journal' is the summation of re-exploring the Chicago suburb Lake Forest, compressed of journal entries and images taken.

As the back cover reads:

Images of the beach, the stars, long narrow stairs, cloudy skies, cold gales, playgrounds and sterile bathrooms all comprise a rather normal series of events that took place throughout the day nearly two years ago. The impression left upon me from that day must have been very strong as the chain of events is still firmly bound into my memories so much so that I was drawn to reinvestigate these locations, compiling images, text, and various internal dialogs with myself.

At most, this is a reflection and recognition of the affects of being very close to someone who is no longer around through re-exploring locations familiar, now estranged. A connection through these locations to millions of other people who lived a similar story and are secured to it through symbols and empty locations, words and phrases, an exploration of my own identity when faced with what feels like re-discovering a childhood polaroid or a childhood toy swallowed by unforgiving time. At the very least, this is a testament to my presence and my story. A journal.

The text within is comprised of exercepts from various journal entries.


About the Author

Marc Falzon
Knowntk Chicago, IL, USA

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runningwild says

pity after you make such a big explanation you don't show the pictures .. what happened .. did some one divorce, die .. go away .. this is a haunting subject and i want to see how you did it .. it is like a novel in pictures .... can you republish with more please ... david bowie did it on his last album very beautifully in song

posted at 05:18am Mar 25 PST


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