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Peru is a land of breathtaking contrasts: from the tranquil unspoiled beaches of the Costa to craggy snowcapped Andean peaks more than four miles high; from the vast stretches of the high plains, or Altiplano, to dense Amazon rainforests teeming with exotic wildlife; from great cities steeped in European culture to the ancient wonders of Machu Picchu and the Incan Empire.

Such dramatic extremes, and the breathtaking depths of subtlety to be found within them, drew American adventurer and photographer Jeffrey Cremer to spend two and a half years during the first decade of the 21st century living and traveling throughout Peru. Throughout his journeys, Cremer found himself continually enthralled by that nation’s wonders: its unmatched landscapes and architecture, its singular plants and animals, its richly varied peoples and cultures. People of the Sun is the exquisite result of its author/photographer’s passionate engagement with the multitude of experiences that Peru offers.

The book is organized into three broad sections that reflect the geographic diversity of Peru. It begins along the nation’s beautiful western coastline, home not only to an amazing array of sea creatures and bird life but also to arid deserts that present their own subtle patterns and stark beauty to an eye trained to appreciate it.

Next, Cremer heads east into the snow-covered Andes. Here, his camera captures such mind-boggling sights as the craggy, snow-clad peak of Huascarán, Peru’s highest mountain at an altitude of 22,200 feet (6,768 meters). Through his lens, he also shares such wonders as blue-ice glaciers, crystal-clear mountain lakes, cloudscapes as beautiful as any land-based scenery, and the amazing, mysterious Nazca lines, giant figures and other designs carved into the land more than 2000 years ago and fully appreciated only from the air.

Finally, Cremer shares with readers the wonders of Peru’s Amazon rainforests. Close-up images of wildlife as diverse as pygmy marmosets, spectacled caimans, and tiny green frogs no bigger than a fingernail captivate with all the immediacy of a first-hand journey into this endangered region.

Along the way, Jeffrey Cremer also visits the pulsing cities of Peru—including historic Cuzco and thriving modern Lima—and brings readers face to face with the nation’s proud, hard-working people. As a result, People of the Sun provides a rare glimpse not only of an historic, vital nation’s sights but also a look deep into its very soul.

About the photos:

Photos for this book were shot digitally with a Nikon D-80 camera, using a Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8, a Nikon 105mm f/2.8 macro, a Tamron 18-250mm f/3.5 zoom lens and a Orion 1300mm f/12 lens. Images were edited using PhotoShop software and incorporated into the book’s design using BookSmart software from


About the Author

Jeff Cremer
foxtrot666 Cali, Colombia

Jeff Cremer has always been passionate about photography and travel, and has been fascinated by Peru since childhood.

After exploring Costa Rica, Cremer lived and traveled throughout Peru from 2006 to 2009. He has since gone on explore the wonders of Colombia, and is planning an extensive sojourn in the Middle East.

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Mitch5499 says

Hi Jeff we met in the rainforest expeditions lodge on the 29th of July and I was the 13 year old kid that spotted the tapir from the boat. Your book is awesome and I am going to by one I can't wait until you publish the next one also thanks for the mini photography lesson i am now going to get a better camera before me and my dad go to Madagascar next july.

posted at 07:16am Aug 04 PST


carollevy says

YOUR book is gorgeous. A very different trip than ours! yours looks much longer.

Fine work indeed! inspires us to go back and shoot more. Cheers!

posted at 09:00pm Mar 28 PST


carollevy says

Thanks for your comment on my Peru book! The headline font is Rusticana. i did the book in InDesign, not sure if that font is available through Blurb.

posted at 08:56pm Mar 28 PST


runningwild says

thanks .. two years' work well put together ... lovely pictures very evocative

posted at 09:07pm Mar 27 PST


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