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This book is a transcript of a discussion online held on various blogs. The main focus of discussion is the nature of morality and it's application to the question,
"Are animals suitable for use as food and entertainment by people?" Basically, do animals have rights.
This book does not offer a conclusion either one way or the other, but leaves it to the reader to decide for him or her self. It should also be noted that the discussion continues on Twitter and in the blogs of myself ( and Tim Gier (, expanding to include a discussion of the morality of abortion as well.
Some of the comments herein are judgemental and unkind to various religious groups, but are unedited and attributed to the person(s) who made them. The main contributors, Diana, Tim and myself have remained friendly and non-judgemental throughout, even though we disagree on some fundamental issues.
The aim of this book is to offer differing views on a hotly debated subject. It is up to you, the reader, to judge for yourself what you believe and what you feel the correct moral code is for your own life.


About the Author

Brent Wolters
roseman1967 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Born in Vancouver in 1967, I was quickly adopted by a family on Vancouver Island and raised on a Dairy Farm. I moved around a bit since then, and eventually ended up in Hamilton, Ontario. I'm an ordained minister, I've been a cab driver, a counselor, a short order cook, a sailor, a craftsman and a published writer. I live with my dog and my computer and share my time between them. I'm single and looking for the right woman to brighten her life with stories and adventures.

Publish Date  March 30, 2010

Dimensions  Pocket  204 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Self-Improvement

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