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Taking photographs instead of pictures is what I try to do.

By that, I mean the image must mean something: emotionally, intellectually, and/or aesthetically. To accomplish that is a great challenge.

Inside these pages are some photographs I believe achieved that goal. There are also some I thought fell short. However, those photographs are included because to my surprise many people thought they fit the above definition.

Several of those turned out to be award winners and best sellers—those which I thought were just so-so photographs.

It always amazes me that some of my photographs, which I think are clunkers, are the ones that get the most attention.

But, as they say, "It's in the eye of the beholder".


About the Author

Gary Ricketts
gricketts Hoover, Alabama,

Gary Ricketts, after a life-long career in television production and management, retired from the ABC Television Network at the end of 2007. One of the highlights of his career was covering the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics, for which Gary received one of his three Emmys.

In addition to thousands of ABC Sports telecasts during his career, Gary participated in covering Presidential Inaugurations, and the Philippine Revolution for ABC News.

Gary's interest in photography also spans several decades. When he was shooting 35mm Kodachrome color slides in the 1970's, several of his photographs were published in regional magazines and newspapers.

Today, Gary's photographs come from a Canon digital SLR camera and are shot using the RAW format, which preserves the maximum amount of original image data. In other words, a RAW file is a virtual or digital negative. The digital negative is “developed” in Photoshop where the dynamic range of the RAW file results in stunning photographic images.

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redtreeme says

A wonderful capture of time, so much thought and feeling in every image :-)

posted at 02:41pm Aug 18 PST


cubagallery says

Nice tone in your images

posted at 07:58pm Aug 13 PST


tendyke says

Very well done. I like your insightful commentary. I think you do what I try to do: take photographs that please you and if they also please others, so much the better.


posted at 05:18pm Mar 31 PST


runningwild says

when i see photos on this site that are really good like these (your's are quite obviously saleable and you must know that don't you ) then my next question is, what point are you trying to make .. what are you trying to communicate, finally ... do you have a message or a theme (it seems to be all landscapes, you do london where there are eight million people with no people at all ) would you like to look at the web site of the royal photographic society to see what the other good photographers in the world do

posted at 09:04pm Mar 30 PST


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