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Photography has become a passion of mine and I strive to make my life in photography, more predominantly in motorsport and more so in formula one. like life and the goals that are set out in front of you they are not the easiest paths to take. The late nights spent captioning, editing, sending e-mails to plead for any form of work experience, hours, weeks, months perfecting panning techniques composition exposure depth of field and at the end of all these processes why. Well when one finds themselves at a crossroads where they have found something in life that no one else can compete with you but the passion and enthusiasm fills your entire body that you are compelled to follow it through with all the energy inside. Photography and motorsport go hand in hand very nicely. The reason for this introduction and in the informal manner is to show an honest and true nature of the goals I have set myself and share my story to how I came to love photography and to want to spend the rest of my life pursuing a career that is a loved past time.

The “tale” begins like this.......

It all began when I were a young child growing up in south east London. My mother would visit my uncle in crystal palace. my mother side of the family there was always a presence that they were petrol heads and loved motoring particularly my grandfather who would have engine parts with dripping oil in the bedroom, dinning room. However when upon making a visit to my uncles flat outside was always second hand BMW's a rusty bucket of an alfa of which spent more time on the drive way than the road because the tenth billion gear box had gone and the radiator needed changing but that did not stop him from trying to make repairs.

One afternoon when I was around my uncle’s flat I remember hearing a high pitched sound as if a car was on helium. I walking into the front room and saw that there was a motor race on I continued to watch this “race” that became apparent by the commentary that this was called formula one. the memory was only a fragment but I remember a red car crossing the line (later knowing it was a Ferrari). What had me hooked was the speed of the cars the close paced action like I had never seen before.

It was not until a decade later that I began to take this sport with a little more seriousness. at this point I had just finished secondary school and was to begin my first year at college studying music. During the summer of 2005 I had a camera with me like I had always done but as a past time a leisure, However I did not know that I used this as my escape from the real world. I had a small compact camera I think it was a Kodak Z740 it was a nice camera but did not have a clue about how to use it in manual mode, Let alone how and what exposure was, depth of field.

It was not until I returned to college that one of my close friends suggested I should study photography at degree level. I suppose this was a hint that my life was not destined for music. I thought about his suggestion and continued to put this on the back burner. the following year of 2006 I decided to remove myself from education and take a year out, although some were made to believe that I was "dosing about" *Rolls eyes and thinks of sister* from July 2006 onwards I continued to take images and still looking for employment.

December came and decided to visit my friend at Huddersfield university.. Spending the weekend there would lay the road ahead for university

Once at college as my decision to study an fda first then degree will help develop my practice and future as a photographer, This was the particular point where I met a lecture and motorsport photographer malcolm bryan who was exactly what I was looking for in a lecture. over the following two years he helped me build links and contacts to get work experience with LAT photographic. Whom the very company I am setting my sights on.

before I began my studies at truro college and Plymouth university I worked for seven months at Gatwick airport on the night crew news team. This would deal with the incoming a replenishing on media forms. From Magazines to newspapers. This is where I found the photographers i wanted to be. Steven Tee, Lorenzo bellanca, Darren heath, Charles Coats, i then looked into a company called lat and found one of the biggest archives of motorsport i have ever encountered and knew this was the place i wanted to work.

I am now in my final year at university and have decided to present my photographs. The collection of images in this book is representing my practice and nearly two, Three years hard work and communication with picture agencies who i would like to thank if it were not the help and generosity would have not been able to have created this book.

Kevin Wood : Lat photographic
Drew Gibson : LAT Photographer
Malcolm Bryan
Motion Works LTD
Jakob Ebrey Photography


About the Author

Chris Bird
manicman89 United Kingdom
Chris Bird, Student of photography AT the University Plymouth is a landscape and Action photographer. Born in the South East London 1988, His love for the out doors and his first taste of travelling when on a European school trip in the summer of 2003 had a strong influence into his photography, of which carved his passion for capturing the landscape. Over the past six years he has travelled to the Arctic circle to photograph the Northern Lights, To the fast pit lanes of silverstone and brands hatch to capture the action of British Gt. Chris's passion lyes within landscape however the temptation of the fuel fast formula one draws him closer to a dream once thought near impossible 'a good photograph is knowing where to stand' Ansel Adams

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