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Dunker has been documenting industrial culture for over two decades. This book contains images of industrial landscapes, architecture, interior spaces and machines from around the world. Dunker uses a basic graphic design of economy to describe complex machines.


About the Author

Chris Dunker
dunker logan, UT

chris dunker
656N 600W
logan, UT 84321
(435) 752-5211 studio

B.S. Applied Art and Design, Photography Concentration. Philosophy Minor; California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA. 1991
Otis Parson's Photography in Paris, 1989
MFA, Photography, Utah State University, 1995
Santa Fe Center for Photography, Creative Edge Workshop, 2006
Al Weber Workshops, 1980-1990

Exhibits and Awards
Communication Arts Photography Annual 2009, Unpublished Series, "Industrial Culture: The Machine", Award of Excellence
LACDA, “New and Improved II” Invitational group show, 2009, Los Angeles CA
Juried Group Show, “LaborFest” San Francisco CA, 2009, 6 pieces shown.
Group Show, 511 Gallery, Lake Placid, NY, 2010, scheduled
Juried Group Show, "Fashionistas!" OCCA, California, 2009
Solo Exhibit, Silver Eye Center for Photography, Pittsburgh PA, 2009, December 9-January 2.
Solo Exhibit, Utah Arts Alliance, Salt Lake City "Industrial Utah" 2009

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inux says

Very nice collection.
thanks for sharing.

posted at 11:19am Feb 07 PST


illinger says

Superbe !

posted at 05:24am Dec 15 PST


MSechman says

I am an architectural renderer. I graduated from UC Berkeley a long time ago. If I could have found the "passion to follow what we saw as special", I believe we would be similar. At times very similar. I live in the City, San Francisco and there are still many industrial "events" happening. This means from the new to to the aged; slated to be torn down. I find the aged, rusted, torn by the wind, rain, sun and frost to be more provocative. I do not say beautiful but a beauty all their own.

My work is very commercial but in the process of taking photographs for my jobs I invertible run into something more "important". But seldom have time to linger and become a part of it.

I have always found an unusual aesthetic to edifices as in your book.
Your book is really beautiful. You have a keen eye for form and how they can compound your initial take, that are similar, very similar and then in a tight dance. I wish I could explain what you might be trying to explain (or what I am trying to express) to those that have second thoughts. I guess the easiest would be to turn a special aesthetic word for the pieces you have chosen.

This foray quickly turns philosophical. I believe that everything...that is EVERYTHING is related. I guess you could go to the quest for the irreducible. Not to throw names around but in mathematics Einstein was looking for the "something" that made all relative to the other...something that bound all. He was searching using gravity as a "binder" of sorts. Of course, in one degree of direction closer to
trillions of "possible units" to the degree opposite the spectrum. Just as you are looking for the common, the inseparable common, you also see the distinction from one structural/event to another. I say structural/event because that brings in to play the concept of time. I wish I had a better grasp of what I am trying to say. Maybe I will have time to try to think it over versus to ad lib. I'll say one more thing about your work. It is beautiful in it's destruction if one can see. It is as the universe is. Beautiful Disaster. Time allows us to see some things and time also does not let us see a billion years but the same factore that we are capable of seeing in real" time the same factors form the impossible to explain. I once read a Physicist say that we, as a species, are learning so much. But we are blind to the questions being asked of us. "We do not even have the letters to form the words
to ask the questions that beckon our mind".

Michael Sechman

posted at 08:28pm Sep 15 PST


Corsie says

Very Edward Burtynsky!

posted at 01:10am Sep 11 PST


avsha says

lovely and sesitive book.

posted at 09:28pm Aug 19 PST


redtreeme says

Beautiful composition- needs no other explanation :-)

posted at 02:11pm Aug 18 PST


akorotko says


posted at 10:59am Aug 17 PST

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