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This Maine Captures book is a compilation of various subjects that I have had the pleasure of capturing with the camera and lens.

There are some images that I have processed using three or more exposures. This is known as HDR (High Dynamic Range Imaging). For those images, I shall mention the number of exposures and note as HDR.

I certainly hope you enjoy the photographs included in this book. My aim is to provide admirers of my work an opportunity to enjoy more than just one of my captures and inspire others to expand their own creativity.

The image below is of a small stream, emerging from the woods. This streams journey takes it into Pigeon Hill Bay, in Steuben, Maine.

"Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art."
Ansel Adams


About the Author

Richard Bean
Born in Portland, Maine -1955 I am an avid photographer with a favorite style and vision on landscapes. Although you shall notice, I have delved into capturing a variety of subjects. I firmly believe that learning is one of my greatest assets. I am always hoping that I can apply the knowledge in my love of capturing a moment; the heart of photography is what the snap is of. Why that image? Why that light? Why that angle? Why that time of day? Why that film or medium format? Why Black and White? Why not color? Why? Who doesn't love to capture a good snap for memory? Ever since I first used a camera, I have been thrilled by the experience of capturing images. In 2007, I decided to take my amateur knowledge of photography and build on it, with the hopes of becoming more creative. The ever growing world of digital has given me the opportunity. There are pros and cons to everything. Digital provides a simplicity to bring your photos home and be able to immediately view your

Comments (6)


aknbean says

Thank you all. I am looking to reproach my first book. Just grasping for some newly found spare time.

posted at 04:50pm Apr 12 PST


wildwx says

It took me awhile to wade through all the books in this contest but I kept coming back to yours. I had three books published by Blurb on Maine myself and it's nice to see another perspective on all there is to see in Maine. You photos bring me back once again to a time in my life I wish I could recapture. Beautiful job and hope that you win! Best of luck,


posted at 04:19pm Aug 20 PST


mgreetha says

Beautiful photographs! Makes me want to visit Maine again!

posted at 05:27am Aug 20 PST


redtreeme says

A wonderful capture of time, so much thought and feeling in every image :-)

posted at 02:47pm Aug 18 PST


aknbean says

Thank you so very much Claude.
Not only is it nice to hear your thoughts on my Maine Captures. It is also a pleasure to know that some of my captures have inspired you to move Maine up on your list for visits.

I myself have visited many states in our union. Though I have probably only visited 30 or so. God fortunes on your future endeavors.

Thanks again for you wonderful comments.

posted at 10:30am Apr 11 PST


Claudecjs says


Very nice work! From time to time I check to see what is new in the photography section and what a wonderful surprise this time. I liked all of the prints. You have captured the essence of Adams quote.

By far the best of the photography listing. Maine is one of the two remaining states I have left to make it to all fifty. After viewing you work Maine has move up on my list.

Thanks for sharing!

posted at 08:27pm Apr 10 PST


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