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dave heath
daveheath toronto, ontario, canada, M4K 1L3

born philadelphia 1931,emigrated toronto 1970. interest in photography sparked by ralph crane's essay "bad boy's story", life magazine, may 1947, and john whiting's "photography is a language". work in national galleries canada & u.s.. moma, philadelphia museum of art, chicago art institute, nelson-atkins museum of art, mineapolis art institute, eastman house, private collections north america & europe. work published in john szarkowski's "mirrors & windows", james borcoman's "magicians of light", keith davis "an american century", "extempore" & "korea" by lumiere press. books by myself: "a dialogue with solitude", "dave heath's art show", "eros and the wounded self". recipient of guggenheim fellowships 1963 & 1964. elected affinities: w. eugene smith, robert frank, dorothea lang, hellen levitt, aaron siskind, edward weston, alfred steiglitz, walker evans, wright morris, sally mann, werner bischof & others. represented by patrick mikhail gallery, ottawa, ontario, canada.

Publish Date  April 05, 2010

Dimensions  Large Format Landscape  100 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Fine Art Photography

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JohnBTurner says

Hello Dave, It's been a long time since we met. I'm retired, remarried, left New Zealand and am living in Beijing. I do have a website - now! Please have a look at it and drop me a line. I have several things I'd like to discuss with you, and having discovered
Eros and Wounded Self, I am blown away and even more excited by reconnecting. This is a wonderful book, so I will buy one and recommend it when I see it in the flesh.
Warm Regards,

posted at 02:01am Jul 09 PST


mpower says

Dave, it is wonderful to see your work again. I once owned a copy of "Dialogue with Solitude" but I suppose as a compliment to you and my taste in art a student borrowed it and promptly disappeared. I keep an eye open for it in second hand bookstores. We almost met years ago, had something to do with "Contemporary Photographer" but the details have slipped away with the years,. Congratulations and I am saving up my pennies for this marvelous book.

Mark L. Power

posted at 07:21am Jul 04 PST


schreie says

For those of us interested in the history of photographic books this is a must have work. Heath is in the tradition of sequencing photographs as an art form, the beginnings of which are to be found in Walker Evans' American Photographs (1938), Robert Frank's The Americans (1959). Next came Heath's Dialogue With Solitude (1965), followed by Nathan Lyons Notations in Passing (1974, and its subsequent volumes). Heath has added a personal dimension to the form. A Dialogue (now a collector's item) is a visual poem that expresses the personal anguish of solitude in the face of a harsh and disconnected world. Eros and the Wounded Self, his most recent book, may be seen as a sequel to A Dialogue. After over half a century, Heath has begun to come to terms with the pain of the early years. Human relationships have always been his main theme. In his new work, we feel the warmth of a loving family relationship with humanity in spite of its foibles, fears, and fantasies -- in spite of the occasional lingering echo of angst. This is a collector's item for anyone interested in the history of the photographic book as an art form. It is not too much of a stretch to compare the above mentioned books with the poetry of Walt Whitman. They are in the same tradion. James Borcoman

posted at 04:45pm Nov 25 PST


schreie says

A search, within the silence of one's heart, a search to be noticed, to embrace a longing , that "sensucht," an urgency to touch the continuity of time, to speculate in order to be needed, to understand the urgency of thought, voice and poetry, to reflect on the value of the self and finally to complete the cycle of human voice and to give knowledge to our place of worship... a terpsichore to the song of silence and wisdom...a true work of wonder, joy and understanding,and above all, a work of Art, Thank you,
Michael Schreier

posted at 08:17am Apr 06 PST


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