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Dernière édition, revue et corrigée.


About the Author

Isa Marcelli
isamar France

Comments (7)


Gemichi says

I think your work is beautiful. You're an artist

posted at 03:07am Apr 18 PST


zseike says

Isa, this book looks incredible. Congratulations.

I am stunned that there are people who would choose to leave such negative, unsolicited comments on an artist's work.


posted at 09:58am Feb 13 PST


bebelka says

your work is fantastic, Isa

posted at 03:14am May 25 PST


lindus says

very good indeed - in fact many an image i have celebrated \since first encountering
the world of isa mar -surly what any good artist /photographer does is to provide us a different view perspective of the world we live in

lookingatt - a waste of your time -but you went on to comment - amusing -
out of focus - you may not understand the camera or the process - let alone the nature of illusions- of which art is -
the avant guarde was overtaken by main stream art in the eighties and no longer exists -as such
and it is photographers like isa mar who have changed the way artists think about art -

posted at 03:06am Apr 28 PST


briefscenes says

I am shaken by your work. So, so beautiful.

Thank you.

posted at 09:58am Apr 06 PST


minas says

Isa succeeds where almost every artist fails, to bring psyche in clear focus. If you cant feel that through her images, check you pulse, you might be dead.

posted at 03:39pm Apr 05 PST


lookingatit says

Waste of my time - too many images out of focus trying to be artistic and "avant-guarde" - does not do it well.

posted at 02:53pm Apr 05 PST


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