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This book is a photographic showcase about the vision of night photography.

The selection of participants was curated by Andres Medina and Mikel Aramendia, promoters of this book, and partially comes motivated by the positive experience in the Flickr group Midnight Photo Addict. This book project is including 34 photographers from locations around the world.

Here are the contributors:

- Rafael Alcácer (Spain)
- Mikel Aramendia (Spain)
- Akira Asakura (Japan)
- Adrian Bach (Germany)
- Byron Barret (Canada)
- Lukas Biederman (Poland)
- Thomas Birke (Germany)
- Benoit Chailleux (France)
- Ian Cox-leigh (Canada)
- David Cubberly (USA)
- Keith Davis Young (USA)
- Alistair Dickinson (Australia)
- Kiis Blue (Japan)
- Alexey Fomin (Russia)
- Juan Manuel González (México)
- Samuel Hervás (Spain)
- Ana Himes (Spain)
- Patrick Joust (USA)
- Robert Kaczynski (Germany)
- Dylan Kasson (USA)
- Kirill Kuletski (England)
- James La Mantia (USA)
- Salva López (Spain)
- Alex Mackenzie (England)
- Andrés Medina (Spain)
- Sander Meisner (The Netherlands)
- Eduardo Moratinos (Spain)
- Eduardo Ochoa (Spain)
- David Pérez (Spain)
- Roberto Treviño (Spain)
- Thorir Vidar (Norway)
- Joseph X. Burke (USA)
- Xiamo Xiong (China)
- Thijs de Zwart (The Netherlands)


About the Author

Mikel Aramendia
mikelaraes Navarra, Spain

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