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As ex-patriots calling the Land of the Morning Calm home we have a unique perspective on the foods and customs of this beguiling, insular and ultimately charming nation that we hope to share with you. This is not an effort to shock you with haute cuisine (though the sundae will certainly test your gastronomical fortitude) but an effort to share with you something of the Korean everyday, a little slice of home as it has become. These are the foods that friends share on a Saturday night, the meals a family sits down to after a long day, the snacks boys and girls delight in after a 22-hour school day. This is Korea, and this is the food that we love.

Featuring 40+ recipes and 200+ photos not published anywhere else.


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Flash Parker
park5300 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Shawn Parker is...
a. A 17th Century poet
b. The original drummer for The Guess Who
c. Morgan Freeman's body double
d. A writer and photographer from Canada
e. An architect

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