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As we have moved through the thousands of years of modern society, little by little, our world has gone from being a quilt of societies to a collage of cultures.

The quilt represented the old guard of fixed societies stitched together and repeated. Our modern collage is a layered pastiche interspersed to form new vocabulary.

This book represents my journey through the last decade. It's filled with collages that are composed primarily from my photography and laced with newspaper clippings & acquired pop culture imagery. I have no training in art. My art is completely self taught. It represents work that is supposed to be accessible and yet challenging. Much of it around ideas like immigration, social understanding, health and wealth. It was my way of getting off the beaten path from a career in the corporate world to seeing and exploring the world in ways I never had a chance to when I was younger. It often involved going to places your not supposed to go. Sometimes doing things your not supposed to do. Living around events that shaped the last decade and will continue to shape this century. Everything done with the intention of translating the event into something that could be pondered over long after the smoke has cleared.

While our world has become more transparent
through tools like the internet, it has also become
more complex with layers and layers overlaid on
each other. Sometimes everything is happening so
fast you barely have time to take anything in.
Often we miss details not because they are right in
front of us but because there are too many details
in front of us. When things seem like there getting
out of hand, a red light will always be a red light,
take the time to stop. The train comes by more
than once a day.


About the Author

Chris Diers
codo Chicago

Chris originally from Omaha, first began working in art over 12 years ago, had no prior training in art and is completely self taught.. He started out innocently enough with a children's spiral splatter paint kit. The problem however was the inks that came with it did not produce the same images as what was on the box cover. Not one to give up came at it with more industrial paints and out came images more like the box and on a trek he went. Over the years the repertoire has moved on to the more serious sides of photography, painting and collage. Now he produces collages that combine painting, photography and anything else he can get in the computer. His photo's have graced book covers for Northwestern University and Notre Dame and have been featured in The Chicago Reader, Chicago Public Radio, Gapers Block, Mun2 and numerous other publications.

Publish Date  April 18, 2010

Dimensions  Large Square  80 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Arts & Photography

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