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The San Francisco Bay Area is a meditation in the light of the sun. Light Reflection is the mirror of the Self taking a walk in the sunshine. Beautiful hiking trails in the Bay Area of San Francisco expand the view to the horizon. Each view is a breathtaking new discovery. Allow yourself to be mesmerized by the beauty of the nature and City. The fast changing weather of a new fresh ocean breeze brings the wind, the fog and the play of sunlight, like an ocean of gold glitter dancing on water as a glimpse of a Golden Gate.
The dance of Light Reflection - is the magic of light which mesmerized me on numerous walks, and became an unexpected diary of moments in the sun light. Come and discover a new path with me.
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Daniela Haskara is the Photographer and Publisher of Light Reflection.
The beauty of nature of the San Francisco Bay Area is captured by Haskara's New Book. In her work she is attracted to the reflection of light - the light as a symbol of our inner beauty - the light as a meditation - and the light as an invitation to let our being shine. Haskara is born in Germany and lives in California. As a Spiritual Counselor she creates workshops and private sessions internationally, which have influenced this book to be a mirror to the inner reflection. Daniela Haskara's passion' filled work invites you to take a journey to the Self.

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Die Bay von San Francisco ist eine Meditation im Licht der Sonne. Lichtreflexion ist wie ein Spaziergang in der Sonne, ein Spiegel des Selbst.
Viele Spazierwege in der wunderschönen Umgebung von San Francisco lassen in die Weite blicken. Jeder Blick ist eine atemberaubende neue Entdeckung. Lassen Sie sich verzaubern von der Schönheit der Natur und der Umgebung um San Francisco, die immer auf's Neue überrascht. Ein schneller Wetterwechsel bringt die frische Luft des Meeres und den Wind, der den Nebel einziehen lässt und überall ist das Spiel der Sonnenstrahlen, die wie ein Meer aus Gold über dem Wasser bis zum Goldenen Tor tanzen.
Der Tanz der Lichtreflexion - ein besonderer Zauber des Lichtes hat mich selbst verzaubert und so entstand ein unerwartes Tagebuch von Licht Blicken. Komm auf neue Wege mit mir und entdecke.
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Daniela Haskara ist Photographin und Publicist von Lichtreflexion.
Die Schönheit der Natur von der San Francisco Bay Area ist in dem Neuen Buch von Haskara festgehalten. Ihre Arbeit ist von Lichtreflexionen durchströmt - das Licht als ein Symbol unserer inneren Schönheit - das Licht als eine Meditation - und das Licht als die Verzauberung selbst unser Sein strahlen zu lassen.
Daniela Haskara ist in Deutschland geboren und lebt in Kalifornien. Als Spirituelle Beraterin gibt Sie Internationale Seminare und Einzel-Sitzungen, welche dieses Buch beeinflußten, ein Spiegel der inneren Reflexion zu sein. Haskara's creative Arbeit verführt Dich auf eine Reise zum Selbst.


About the Author

Daniela Haskara
SacredFilms Tiburon, Ca, USA

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bojean says

This book is my "go to" book when I am homesick for the Bay Area. Daniela's pictures are dreamy and take me back in a flash! They cover the whole range of my experience there. Thanks!

posted at 06:10am Aug 06 PST


JennyKramer says

Daniela - what a beautiful book you've created! Congratulations!

posted at 09:59pm Aug 03 PST


micgel says

I love Daniela's ability to portray light! She composes her photos in such a way that the shimmering, sparkling light jumps off the pages. Her juxtapositioning of photos reflects her ability to select the best combinations of views and to open our perceptual field to ever-wider vistas! thank you Daniela!

posted at 03:36pm Apr 27 PST


rlundahl says

Daniela, your new book is fantastic and represents the changing light of the Bay Area in ways I have not seen before. Not only are you a great photographer, capturing the perfect moments. I am so delighted you are bringing that sensibility to our new film, La Cuna de Atzlan, about large solar development in the deserts of California and the impacts to indigenous culture there. I have always been impressed that in seeing, you reveal so much emotion in the landscape. Robert Lundahl,,

posted at 09:12am Apr 24 PST


andythegreat says

Daniela congratulations on the new photo book. As a life-long photographer and lover of the Bay Area Headlands I could not be more at home browsing pages of places I love. You have captured vistas that will be new to even the most well traveled Bay Area aficionados. Smiles, Jim Ross Co-Inventor of

posted at 11:39am Apr 23 PST


tehg says

In her new book, photojournalist, Daniella Haskara has created a work of art that reflects the play of light around the San Francisco Bay. Each image is a feast for the eyes. If you live in the area or want to share its beauty with others, her Light Reflections is a perfect gift.
Jeff Hutner, Editor

posted at 02:21pm Apr 21 PST

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