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In the storms of life, it is good to have a hand to hold,a word of kindness and love to guide you.


My friend Janet was a woman of peace
and love and love will triumph always
and Janet's motto was "peace" and "love"
and she is now like an Angel in heaven.

My friend Alice is also an angel in heaven.

"And they shall be like Angels in heaven."

God bless you.

“May God give back to you in love all

the love you have given and all the joy

and peace you have sown around you,

all over the world.

May God bless you deeply.” ~ Mother Teresa

Alice eventually moved with her family to the country, where she and her husband gradually restored her grandmother’s home. Alice loved to decorate her house and she would share her passion by send Angel gifts in accordance with the holidays from Thanksgiving until Mother’s Day. At the time, I remembering thinking, “Alice’s attachment to the Angels is becoming inspiring.”

As the years passed, we could not see each other as often. But since we both worked in health care, at times our paths would cross. Then Alice became ill. And Alice and Janet
are now with the Angels in heaven.

Winter Star

If I could hold a star in my hand

It would be you.

Until you arrive home

I stay with my Angel

Who will guide you back to me

For eternity

You say I must not follow you

God will follow me

God will hold me

He holds me for you.


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Margo Marie Snyder

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