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It is difficult to categorize Mother Madrone/Sister Cedar. It is a compilation of varied experiences, that, when experienced, I have been told, have taken readers into deep spaces of psychic awareness, into deeply felt emotional memories, and on a few occasions brought readers to tears with hand over heart. This book is what it is. It is offered as an experiential journey. All the Best to you, Dear Readers.

After attaining Rainbow Light Body and having several other enlightening experiences, the author of Mother Madrone/Sister Cedar, began a four year retreat of contemplation, meditation, Dream Yoga, Yeshe Lama practice, while journal-ling experiences. This book, along with four others is a result of the work and play accomplished during that time.


About the Author

Marie Jamieson
MariJami the state of Grace
I can be found roaming the wild forests and beaches of the Pacific Northwest. My art epitomizes a deeply felt connection with all things and in my poetic and photographic books, I strive to share a vision of Awake Vision. I invite you, along with me, to touch that which is most deep about us and around us, ever present - heart, mind, spirit, self , world, and beyond. Come, walk the forests with me. Come, stroll along unpeopled beaches. Come, be present wherever you are. Live an authentic Life. Come!

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Serenelady says

M-, Your new book touch me so deep, I sat here and cryed. Thank you for all your hard work. You are an awesome writter. DK*

posted at 09:43am Apr 27 PST

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