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Where does all the clothes in the street come from? Who's are they? How do you loose a bra or a pair of boxers in the middle of town?

This book is about all the lost clothes out there in the world, lost or abandoned by their owner. Over a short period of time I have gathered a significant amount of lost clothing - and you can find my personal favourites in this book.


About the Author

Amanda Birath
Musiken Carlisle, Cumbria, UK

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MisterHappy1 says

I great concept! very creative! interesting photos! check out my photo book.....Meet Mr Happy. a fun creative girls view of a Penis! I would love to read your comment on my site!! thanks Happy Girl :)

posted at 02:57pm May 16 PST


Musiken says

Thank you very much!

posted at 10:23am May 03 PST


olihaines says

what a fantastic Idea, I always smile when I see discarded clothes about, wondering how it came to be the way.

Really nicely done!

posted at 10:07am May 03 PST


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