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This book captures the beauty, solitude and impact that four major snowstorms had on the city of Philadelphia in 2009-2010. From Fitler Square to Old City, mounds and piles of snow transformed the atmosphere, attitude, pace and perspective of people who live and work in Center City, Philadelphia. Photographs during and after storms, in the morning, day and dark of night, show dogs in the park and in the middle of the road, strolling with their owners without a care in the world. Majestic trees covered in fallen snow, iron gates and railings, City Hall and its many statues and monuments draped in white. Rittenhouse Square at dusk, dawn and empty in the dead of night aside from a couple of businessmen walking home. Washington Square Park laden with snow and Old City's street lights glowing in the howling wind and snow with the lights of Ben Franklin Bridge burning dimly in the background. This book is a must have for those who live, work in or just love Philly.


About the Author

John Andrulis
JohnA Philadelphia, New Jersey

John Andrulis hails from central New Jersey and is the owner of JAG Fine Art in Philadelphia, PA. He has lived all over the United States including Moab, Utah; Berkeley, CA; Missoula, Montana; Manhattan; Lambertville, NJ and Philadelphia. John studied English Literature at the University of Colorado and overseas at the University of Lancaster in England. He studied Photojournalism in graduate school at the University of Montana and Photography at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and the International Center of Photography in New York City. His travels have taken him throughout Europe, Southeast and Central Asia and Central America. John taught in public schools and has worked for newspapers and continues to do freelance work for magazines and in commercial photography. He is available for commissions and can be reached at or 215.840.8591.

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