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Removed from reality and placed ambiguously into the studio, Audition depicts the familiar ritual of listening to music through headphones. The subjects choose their playlist, sit in front of the hot lights and simply listen; free to express whatever emotions are stirred by their song choices. They become increasingly unaware of the camera as they get lost in their own world; absorbed in the rhythm, lyrics and mood of the music. Some sing along, or tap their feet, others shut off completely, reflect on their thoughts and weep.


About the Author

Cassandra Lane
casslane London, UK

Comments (4)


redtreeme says

One really has to delve into this book to appreciate the hard work that has gone into it. Recommended.

posted at 09:23am Aug 20 PST


casslane says

Hey, thanks for your comments. I will be entering it into the competition once I've had a copy delivered. Just want to see what it's like in print first!

posted at 11:33am May 12 PST


Gerardoluso says

Hi, i have found your book just by chance and i really like your portraits and conceptual idea. I am looking forward to have a look on it at the exhibition.

posted at 03:53pm May 11 PST


charlesklein says

Great idea, looks good too, why isn't this in the photography book now competition?

posted at 09:11am May 10 PST


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