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Spring Promises is the second in a four-book series by Don Iannone, a Northeast Ohio photographer and poet, honoring the four seasons as seasons of the year and seasons of our lives. Winter Spirit, the first book in the series, calls our attention to the wisdom and healing powers of winter. Spring Promises speaks to the hope and renewal we can draw from springtime.

The actor and comedian Robin Williams said that spring is nature's way of saying "let's party!" Spring Promises is a party of sorts. Most certainly it is a celebration of spring.

The photographer paints with light, and the poet paints with words. Each follows an economical approach, stripping down their subject matter to its underlying essence. Spring Promises helps us discover the essence of spring through photographic images and poetry. Spring's essence, according to Don Iannone, is the "promise" it offers each of us. Promises give us grounds for expectations and a sense of hopefulness about the future. More so than any of the seasons, spring helps us see our lives in promising and hopeful ways. The images and poems found in Spring Promises help us see the promise in our lives. They give us hope.


About the Author

Don Iannone
diannone Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
Don Iannone is a Greater Cleveland based photographer, poet, and author. He is the author of two books of poetry and three photography books. Many of Don's photographs have been published in books, other print publications, and on Internet websites. His photographs have been exhibited in several venues in Greater Cleveland. Don gives lectures, speeches and seminars on using poetry and photography to promote inspiration, insight and healing. He has an M.A. Degree in Consciousness Studies. His thesis topic was on the subject of art and consciousness.

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SAHPhoto says

Great book and great Robin Williams quote! Thanks for your kind comment on my book. I didn't realize until now that the preview only shows 15 pages though.

posted at 08:26am Sep 07 PST


GinasBook says

nicely done, Don. Have a look at mine too, please.

greetings from Germany


posted at 01:31pm Nov 03 PST


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