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Lands | Dreams is a virtual journey led by a set of pictures taken both in close and distant countries, just where Nature created so imposing sceneries to seem part of an extraordinary and fabulous world. This fine-art photo project, started in 2004 and exhibited for the first time in 2008, has been planned as “work-in-progress”, made by several images collected to guide everyone into landscapes, clear details and moments of real poetry.
The most impressive and gorgeous views of wide spaces within USA Natural Parks, Australian outback or primordial Iceland may be enjoyed beside the ancient fragrance of Sicily and the Celtic countries of Ireland, England, Wales and Brittany, fixed in their fairy-tale atmosphere sometimes on the horizon of seascapes and thrilling cliffs, in the mystery of enchanted woods or transparent lakes, nearly stolen by stormy winds and clouds. Scotland and Normandy are only the latest destination of this artistic wandering, always attracted by fresh curiosity and new inspirations. But it’s the photographer’s patience and careful research that mostly give those amazing results, together with the almost “tactile” effect of the fine-art printing in black and white, obtained by a carbon-pigment ink process. The final impression is surprisingly new and unimaginable for anyone normally trained to observe simple realistic representations. Here Nature is considered both Mother and Mistress and portrayed more real than the truth, but falsified too, as only pure Photography can do.


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Raffaele Chiandussi
Ralphchian Italy

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