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Havana is one of the most beguiling cities in the world. Built on over 500 years of tumultuous history it is absolutely unique. 51 Years ago a Revolution hearlded a new begining and 48 years ago a US imposed Blockade of Cuba closed off the island from the rest of the world. With few friends the Cubans created their own unique society where, scarse resources are husbanded wisely, where Museum pieces are lovingly cared for and coaxed to a longer life, where universal health coverage and cutting edge practices ensure Cubans have one of the healthiest and long lived population in the world despite a third world infrastructure, and where one of the most open people in the world live in one of the last closed societies left on earth.
Go before it changes; and this is the record of one such journey by a Trade Union delegation anxious to see if there is anything that can be learned from the Cuban experience.


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Anthony McEvoy
anthonymcevo Dublin, Ireland

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celestun says

Just wanted to say you have some wonderful shots in this book. While many are photojournalistic in nature some are real works of art. Particularly I love the shot of the birds above Habana Vieja, the intense portrait of the old man, the incredible sunset with waves crashing over the Malecon, the sunset on the beach near the end and some well thought out pages layouts.

I'm glad you came back with an apprecitation of the great resilience and achievement of the Cuban revolution and the beautiful people that work so hard to make it all come true.

posted at 06:34pm Nov 24 PST


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