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These images are subtle, whispered documents recording the interplay between the natural and human orders. This is essentially a battle between instinct and intellect taking place in the detail of our daily lives. The mundane is never actually mundane and holds the key to understanding the bigger things. By looking at and eventually framing a simple subject, quietly observing the unnoticed, it is possible to start to unravel the complex and cluttered world we have made for ourselves and understand something of what it means to be human. We have apparently detached ourselves from the rhythms of nature, turning our backs on the ebb and flow of the seasons and cycles of nature, often preferring the synthetic and fabricated to the authentic. We have a complex and contradictory relationship with the non-human world that I use my camera to investigate. I am interested in the way that we interpret and use the natural world, how we use flora and fauna in our cultures, religions, histories and art. Our facsimiles of plant life and our will to control the environment fascinate me. Equally natural light is essential to this work and can bring beauty and awe to the ordinary.


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marc provins
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