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A book about the unique relationship that exists between siblings growing up together

The book follows sisters Abbie and Jess doing the things that kids love to do.

The book is based on the author's own sibling memories of growing up with a little brother in the 1980's. It features timeless, sibling scenarios, which anyone who grew up with a sibling (older or younger then themselves) will recognise.


About the Author

Sammi Sparke
sparkie78 Blackpool, Lancashire

My love of photography has come from my family and came into its own when I travelled the world. I left my job and embarked on a degree which I am now in my second year of. I am studying for a photography degree at Blackpool and the Fylde. This is my first book and I hope the first of many as I become more confident as a photographer and look forward to a career in this industry.

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barberelli says

Very adorable book! Great job!

posted at 06:30am Aug 29 PST


redtreeme says

Spelling mistakes? Were you told by by Blurb? That's terrible of them if they did. It doesn't matter. The photography is great and so is the layout. Keep up the good work.

posted at 11:28pm Sep 14 PST


sparkie78 says

thanks redtreeme,

I submitted my book to the competition and then was told it contained a number of spelling mistakes. Because it was too late to amend the mistakes I figured there was no point taking it any further - so I didn't bother letting any of my friends and family know about the comp and voting.

I wish you much luck with your beautiful book.

posted at 02:44pm Aug 19 PST


redtreeme says

Intrigued with the cover, delved into the book. Wonderful photographs. Excellent piece of work. I am so glad to have this opportunity to vote for you.

posted at 01:52pm Aug 19 PST


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