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A selection of images from my latest collection of artworks.
A celebration of life.


About the Author

Helena Wilsen-Saunders
inkyfings Surrey
The mystery of why and how things grow, come into existence, is explained magnificently by science but the wonder of it all needs an artist’s voice to express the miracle of it all. My works bring the viewer into the fantastic, ethereal micro-world of nature and creation. They are also visions of the soul and I always pay homage to the works of great visionary artists such as William Blake and Samuel Palmer. As I start drawing I surrender to my imagination and feel a growing excitement as a simple pencil mark becomes a seed, which in turn becomes fully formed as a plant, snake or human. The creative act celebrates creation. The pencil marks or brushstrokes dictating the flow or pattern within the forms. I marvel at bringing something new to life each day through my artwork. I love the process and the promise of something good to come.

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