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24 Hours on the Road

When landscape becomes the memory or symbol of an ephemeral passing by of a man who escapes from an everyday life that has no magic, then it can become profoundly powerful. Human presence is no longer important because nature is the one that becomes the protagonist. The obvious, but especially the implied mental journey is captured in these images. The escape from a world that doesn't really matter is the highest essence. And slowly the trees, the road, the wires, the buildings are transformed into an immaterial being. Isn't this in a way the summary of our own existence? This explains why in the series “24 hours on the road” the images gradually change from concrete and realistic ones into dreamy, almost surrealist pictures and evolve eventually into absolutely abstract ones where specific shapes and forms no longer matter. There's even further symbolism involved in the imagery and each viewer is called forth to decode them with his/her own personal thoughts. Hence let the journey begin...


About the Author

Karathanassis Niko
flyhi Athens - Greece

Niko Karathanassis

Nicholas pastime in photography began several years ago.
Furthermore, he has participated in exhibitions in Hellas (Greece).
“I believe that it is a photographic world we are living in. Everywhere there is a photo a photographer can see. Subject, composition, color or black & white, manipulation of light, the ability to “make” the shadows alive. The ability for the photographer to use all these elements so as to build a bridge, a communication with people, in a gentle way, that comes at the end as a natural personal communication. A communication of sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings, sentiments that words cannot describe or are useless when feelings exist. And, I believe, when we share our feelings/thoughts (using photography is my way) we might not make our lonely world better but –as a good start- make us feel better. Also, it builds new roads for the mind to walk on, think, wonder.

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