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Photography has become a saturated world since the advent of digital technology, Nearly anyone who has a camera can take an image and share this with the world with just a computer.

In today's world it is difficult to define the good from the mediocre. As reiterated anyone who has enough cash can buy a reasonable camera and start taking pictures. But what defines a photographer and their work ?

It is their ability to stand at the forefront of technology and respond to it in their own way. Throughout this book it will show only a small collection of colour and black and white photography that has been taken on the iphone. The purpose of this book is to keep myself informed about photography and its largest potential for being a social tool with society. It is a slight contridiction as this is in print form. Howver you cannot appreciate a photograph on screen.

When Edwin Land invented the Polaroid instant image he wanted to make photography more accessible to the masses like Kodak did with the brownie box. What Edwin Land did was remove the aspect of processing the negatives and produce and image instantly before the photographers eyes. Since polaroid the advent of digital technology has replaced both aspects Where it has become instant within seconds and the photographer can show this to the world with the help of social networking tools. This book is a mere response to this even more instant photography in the digital era.

The layout of this book is somewhat important to myself. by looking at the works of William Klein and Robert Frank, who are prolific book makers of their time. I would aim to go for a simple one. There is little or no text to support the image intent. This is mainly due to how I personally see the images, which is to a certain extent all equal.

As this book has come together there is an irony that life is mediocre and repetitive. From waking up in the morning and staring at the ceiling to having breakfast and then a coffee at the end of the day. But what is in-between all of that 'usual routine' is the moments that I see that catch my eye. I may not have my camera for that but I have my phone which has a camera.

My influences and research that has gone into this project are Chase Jarvis, Robert Frank Joel Meyerowitz, Cartier Bresson


About the Author

Chris Bird
manicman89 United Kingdom

Chris Bird, Student of photography AT the University Plymouth is a landscape and Action photographer.

Born in the South East London 1988, His love for the out doors and his first taste of travelling when on a European school trip in the summer of 2003 had a strong influence into his photography, of which carved his passion for capturing the landscape.

Over the past six years he has travelled to the Arctic circle to photograph the Northern Lights, To the fast pit lanes of silverstone and brands hatch to capture the action of British Gt.

Chris's passion lyes within landscape however the temptation of the fuel fast formula one draws him closer to a dream once thought near impossible

'a good photograph is knowing where to stand'
Ansel Adams

Publish Date  May 27, 2010

Dimensions  Small Square  170 pgs   Standard Paper

Category  Arts & Photography

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rothwell172 says

A fantastic selection of well composed images.

posted at 01:20pm Aug 28 PST

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