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With the lens of a camera the artist examines the contours of a child’s dolls scrupulously.  Pretty, perfect, and plastic, smooth, shiny and seductive – these dolls bear resemblance to cosmetic surgery in popular culture today.  Aspirations of fame sought by sexual allure seeps through their pores.  Their airbrushed appearance homogenizes the female form - reflecting images found in advertising and women’s glossy magazines.  The artist’s own memories of Vancouver’s demonised Downtown Eastside sex workers permeates into the images and leaves the question; do these toys truly reflect the aspirations that we have for our future generation of women?


About the Author

Anna Naylor

I'm currently studying Fine Art at a London University. My work is informed by eight years of travelling that most memorably - led me to working in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. A demonised community entrenched with substance misuse, prostitution and poverty that gave me the richest of educations. Memories of this community often revisit me in my artwork - to which I'm grateful.

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jacquemo says

great stuff, Anna! i really like these images

posted at 10:14am Jul 25 PST


brotherjohn says

Its thought provoking Anna - well done! I can certainly remember being very uncomfortable when my little girl received Brats Dolls as gifts and I remember being a relatively lone voice on the subject too!
Really a snap shot of a much bigger and uglier picture ay.
I suppose we could offer a counter argument in that Barbie and Ken at least pay attention to their diet / lifestyle. Another area in which the future generations are too often sadly and lovingly abused.

posted at 02:58am Jun 12 PST


annharvey says

These have an air of authentic and unsettling response to personal history - these are compelling without resorting blatant aesthetic devices -

ie; love 'em!

How the hell are you?? are you just finishing your second year?
I'm in a performance piece next Thurs. at TAP- it's a wonderfully playful piece ( sadly, not devised by myself ) -
come if you can - i think you might enjoy it - if not, see you at Art Trail Ann x

posted at 04:25am May 30 PST


Heidiwigmore says

mmm really like what you've done here - revealed them for what they are - terrifyingly seductive porno bodies - flaunting their availability and blatant objectification for easy some of these for 'Cliffhanger' show yes? The tense, teasing ones...

posted at 04:49pm May 29 PST


gemjammer says

Love it Anna, how you made such a subject look classy is beyond me but you did. Fantastic job, I'll get Ade to order me one :)

posted at 01:30pm May 28 PST


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