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SHOW & TELL documents Mark Velasquez's beginnings as a model photographer in his small, conservative hometown on the central coast of California. This book covers more than four years, detailing work with his first amateur volunteers and the bonds he formed with them in order to create his unique photographic concepts. Part biography, part bar-room storytelling, these pages leave you eager to see what his future holds.


About the Author

Mark Velasquez
isawsven Santa Maria, CA

Mark Velasquez received his BFA from Cornish College in Seattle in 2000. Since then he has been through Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, and more than enough of the continental United States spreading his unique sense of humor and creative energy where needed. Today he can be found anywhere on the West Coast, camera in hand, mind reeling.

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JLK1979 says

Excellent book. I have to put this on my FB account (Dead Clown Studios)

posted at 05:18pm Aug 08 PST


Kim_Shatwell says

Congratulations Nice book

posted at 05:10pm Nov 14 PST


arizonaech says

Buy this book now! You can place your bets on black, but when it's gone you'll want it back! - Eric Hernandez of Phoenix, AZ

posted at 10:07am Jul 25 PST


KeithTofflin says

Great Book Mark, I have been following your work on Flickr quite some time...keep up the good fight man!!

posted at 06:44am Jul 22 PST


deenac313 says

Love the photography, love the stories, love the book!

posted at 04:52pm Jul 08 PST


t.rodriguez says

Mark, congratulation!!
That is an awesome work.
Well done.

posted at 11:04am Jul 03 PST


Bish2 says

Love Mark Velasquez , genius!

posted at 09:48am May 29 PST


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