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We all know that no two faces are the same, for they form the road maps of our lives – a celebration of every emotion that has even flickered across them. Every crease, a testimony to a laugh, a smile or perhaps even a former frown.

‘About Face’ is a celebration of the most incredible of canvases – the human face. Join photographer Dean Starnes in this remarkable collection of portraits from around the globe and read in the eyes of strangers the tale that lies within – for each of our faces tells a story written in a language we can all read.


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b0ssie says

What joy you managed to convey through your images, Dean! It is amazing how images of total strangers can inspire us and brighten our day. A fantastic collection - I wish I had the book on my coffee table! Congratulations with a wonderful product.

posted at 04:51pm Aug 05 PST


nibled says

nice images! i really like the one of the boy with dots all over his face...

posted at 05:59pm Aug 04 PST


travel_scot says

I love your book! Only one question - where did you get the money to visit all of these places? You've been everywhere dude.

posted at 05:33pm Jul 27 PST


myniblet007 says

I have always loved photography, but I am just now getting to the point in my life where I have the time and ability to think about creating books of my photos. "About Face" is exactly the type of book that I hope to create for myself someday. I am drawn to intimate, natural portraiture and you have a wonderful collection going. I love it!

posted at 02:52pm Jun 03 PST


Albany says

Fantastic. Thank you and such a pity that I could only view 15 pages of your wonderful photo's. I especially love the way you presented them with the little world map indicating the location.

posted at 08:38pm Jun 02 PST

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