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The path to this book was one of discovery, chance and circumstance. My initial thoughts for the idea grew, quite simply, from noticing a complexity and depth that was communicated by several of my images, These images were nothing more than photographs of interesting shop windows. I found that, in these images, the juxtaposition of the subject and the reflected background established a 'dialogue', one that created image layers. This, of course, was based purely on the phenomenon of 'bounced' light, the common notion when considering the idea of reflection.
With time and growing interest, I realized that the idea of reflection, by definition, encompasses several concepts. Three of these, specular, mathematical and contemplative comprise the images and sections of this book. One interesting aspect of the photos is that many do not adhere precisely to the conceptual definition. They tend to bend or violate the rules yet maintain the 'spirit' of the classification. Either by chance or through image enhancement, the desired results were achieved. In the end, not only the idea of reflection, but the interpretation of many of these images, while purely subjective, can be considered ambiguous, or capable of being understood in two or more possible ways. Thus the origin of the book's title.
The photographs were shot during visits to such places as Tuscany, England, the Caribbean, the Southwest, New England and others. At the beginning of each section you will find brief explanations of each concept which are meant to aid in understanding the why and the how each image 'fits'. Finally, this is a work in progress. There remains much more to be discovered and developed around this idea. Unlimited opportunities to capture such 'moments' present themselves each day. My expectation is to continue to document and enjoy each opportunity.


About the Author

Allan Syphers
asyphers Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania
Allan Syphers was educated as an architect at Cornell University and has practiced for over thirty years. During the last ten years, that background has been instrumental in cultivating his awareness of the photographic opportunities that surround us in both the built and natural landscapes.

Publish Date  June 02, 2010

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