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NOTE: THERE IS AN ERROR IN THIS BOOK! If you'd like a copy, please leave a comment and I will fix and re-upload the book ASAP.

A book I wrote for my Creative Writing course. The first copy was poorly made and finished at the last minute as a gift to the kindergarten students across from our campus. Mine was dedicated to Linnea...she has inspired me to make this book available online.

Proceed's go to a poor soon-to-be college student :p

Please share with friends! You can preview the entire book. I mean, if you went to Barns &Nobles and could only look at 15 pages, wouldn't you feel ripped off?


About the Author

I make books on Blurb as a source of income...I really don't have any at the moment :( I am going to college soon, and I plan on making books on the side. I am learning/studying to be a photographer, so any additional income to help pay my way through college would be most appreciated! -Derek

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Ascirc says

Thank you!

posted at 10:32am Jun 16 PST


kathpete says

I think this story is lovely and well written. The illustrations while basic are attention grabbing and basic with great colours. I hope you sell lots of your books as I'm sure they will give many children much enjoyment - well done, dont give up.

posted at 05:10am Jun 16 PST


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