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If you love old, vintage automobiles, and photography, this is the perfect book for you. It combines cars and photography to form high art. Details, reflections and specific pieces of the vehicle are highlighted in such a way as to become almost abstract, yet maintains that we are enjoying the automobile itself as an art piece.


About the Author

Sarah Wood
wtnswood Rain City(Seattle)
I am a very visual artist. I have been exploring color and form for over a decade. I am proficient in drawing, Photography, PhotoShop CS3-5, along with Illustrator and other PS plug-ins. I'm a 2012 graduate from Eastern Washington University's Visual Communications department. My solo photography show was featured during the 2011 Greenwood Car show. A sample of the photos presented are in my Blurb book of Automotive Photography. During 2011, I toured England and Scotland taking pictures. I explored architecure, art and landscape photography while there. I am passionate about art and dedicate many hours of each day working on my craft.

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