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A photo essay on youth culture as Art
by Terry Smith


About the Author

Terry Smith
americasfine San Diego, CA USA

In 1996 a photo essay on youth culture as Art began. For many years Terry has worked in social service with both juveniles and the elderly. Since his teens he's been an artist and humanitarian. In 2004 the photo essay evolved into a documentary film project. This book is an example of some of images that have been documented over the years.

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BodyPhotoArt says

America's Finest Kids is a bold and promising debut from artist Terry Smith. Incredible, timeless work.

Equal parts documentary and artistic essay, the heart of Terry Smith's work flows from his own compassionate heart. Whether environmental portraiture, the landscape of the American sun-bleached West, or the twisted and turning limbs of lithe youths, there is a love evident in all of Smith's work which belies the gritty truths and settings he documents.

Smith, himself, has been a longtime youth advocate and you can easily see that influence in his work, which is, ultimately as significant as a record of social anthropology as it is important artistically.

Smith's is the kind of work which is becoming increasingly hard to find in an age of more disposable and immediate media. Thoughtful, patient and intimate, we spend a moment lingering with his subjects and then are left to consider the questions his non-judgemental lens does not.


posted at 05:08pm Jul 04 PST


americasfine says

Okay the damn book, LOL

posted at 03:25pm Jun 26 PST


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