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This book consists of 80 FULL-COLOR pages which collects some of the most-popular stories in the Addanac City mythos. You can't go wrong with this "portable version" of webcomics. :)

I selected the Uncle Jack saga, which features Jack’s introduction, his time on the lam from the law, his re-capture, his time back in jail, his trial, his meeting of Calethia, his second escape from prison, and his traveling whereabouts as Jack stays a half-step ahead of the authorities.

Also included in the collection is Hank’s Zombie City storyline and the full-length Christmas In Addanac City tale. I also threw in AC #200, #300, #400, #500, and all of the holiday super-sized comics. I included the introduction of Ren Murphy and his brief romantic relationship with Christie Anderson. There are also quite a few of the mini-stories added in for good measure. Oh, and lest I forget, the 1 year Anniversary mega-sized comic is in there too, not to mention a few decent stand-alone gag strips.


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