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"Those of the Sea" Tales of the Mermaids of Waiahuakua is a collection of authentic Hawaiian creation and romantic legends with the interjection of the mermaid.

Since the time of the great voyages from Tahiti to Hawaii, the mermaid has been a part of the legend and lore.

These tales have been translated from the original Tongan, Tahitian and Hawaiian stories.

The language of the Polynesian peoples is basically one language, the missionary translators who first assigned a written spelling for the different island groups, heard the words differently and represented these sounds that they heard with different letters. For instance the Hawaiian word for 'woman' is wahine (vah-hee-nee), the Tongan word for 'woman' is fahine (fah-hee-nee). Much like the differences between American English and British English, there is understanding but differences in accents and idioms. So, the oral traditions of the Polynesian peoples, with minor differences, give a remarkably similar account of their history and beliefs.

There are Polynesians today, who can recite their lineage back to one common ancestor. In this book are some excerpts from those accounts. Please note that these predate the coming of the missionaries and were not influenced by Biblical record.

These legends include stories from Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, Marquesa and the Maori of New Zealand.

You will treasure and love these stories as they are a part of Hawaii, the land of green-backed and mottled seas, and all that is Polynesia.


About the Author

Kohana Au
kohanaau Hanalei, Hawaii
Kohana Au has long been associated with a number of projects throughout Polynesia and the Hawaiian Islands. As a Featured Writer for the Kauai Menu Magazine he has extensive first hand experience with the islands. Kohana Au shares his passion and knowledge of the culture, history and legends of these very special societies and people. "As a world traveler, sailor and adventurer I have had the wonderful opportunity to experience and enjoy many places and people. I hope I can share with you, my friends and readers, just some of these adventures and places. " Aloha - Me ke aloha pau ole "with best wishes without end"

Publish Date  June 12, 2010

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  120 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Literature & Fiction

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Comments (5)


LelaII says


I remember when you were first working on this! It has become such a fabulous story of Hawaiian legends! Thank you so much for this and all you do to keep Hawaii and her legends alive!

posted at 03:46pm Jun 14 PST


Dathan12 says

Very nice to have met you in Maui! My wife was overjoyed to get a signed copy of this book as we are both big fans of Hawaii and mermaids!
I love Oceania and aina and anything to do with Hawai'i's culture, tales and ancestry. Please keep up the great work!

posted at 07:18am Jun 14 PST


avidreader10 says

These Hawaiian mermaid stories are so beautiful and touching! Anyone who loves Hawaii should have this in their collection! Even "mo better" if you love mermaids too! Mahalo for writing this incredible book!

posted at 07:11am Jun 14 PST


Kauaibound says

This is a fantastic book! Thank you for putting together these great and authentic stories! I have always believed in the mermaids of Hawaii and remember hearing a rendition of the Lalo-Hana many years ago. I knew she was a mermaid!!!

posted at 07:06am Jun 14 PST


TongaRora says

I love this book! The stories are all so wonderful and the illustrations are fabulous! My daughter loves to have me read this to her every night! Thank you for such a marvelous collection of Hawaiian tales!

posted at 06:59am Jun 14 PST

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