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"This book is totally intense and the photography is absolutely incredible!"

- Karen Mitchell, Executive Managing Editor - Define the Meaning

"The photos, from my perspective, could obviously stand on their own for a very powerful collection. But the juxtaposition of the poetics with the imagery is a bold, powerful statement and an extremely intriguing revelation regarding the authors perception of Natura. I find the story itself, as told simultaneously through image, layout and text, to be extremely engaging. Once you finish ‘reading’ the book once, you immediately want to explore the experience again. Very mysterious and intriguing. Profound, tempting and disturbing all at once."

- Lou Susi, Creative Master of Emerging Technologies - Most Wanted Consultants

"Nature pushes mind and soul right over the limit where you think your emotional capacity ends. I found myself in a matrix that revealed a new space defined by pictures of incredible dynamics, visual beauty and words of scary depth and shocking truth: a colossal emotional collision that defines beauty afresh. The feeling Nature created during the first couple of minutes after I had red the poems was intense and I made immediately some comparisons with other authors"

- Wilfried Rimensberger, Producer, Project Director - Phenomena


About the Author

Hans Wendland
I was born in Paris, which makes me French. I grew up in a family of painters, sculptors and art merchants. In France and Italy, I studied under the artists Gérard Ambroselli, and Antonietta Tuti where I received strong influences in impressionism and abstractionism. I was educated in Italy, France, England and finally in the United States where I lived for over twenty years. I have shown my work in the United States, South America and in Europe. For the past fifteen years in Switzerland, and now back in the United States, I have lived parallel lives, one focused on high-tech and the other focused on art, and until very recently never mixing the two. In this world of right-brain and left-brain I have found the stimulus for creating my paintings and my photographs. All of my work is based on abstract shapes and emotions I see and feel. Nature is my biggest driver.

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hanswendland says

Natura the VIDEO
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posted at 05:10am Feb 09 PST


MoonsterUX says

I knew that nature of the artwork was commendable as I know Hans Wendland to be an inspired artist, but surprised at the edginess of the poetry. Lovely book. My Kudos to the artist and poet.
-- mooney

posted at 01:35pm Jul 25 PST

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