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It is facinating to read the works by young teenagers! Alliteration, Personification, Symbolism, Similes and Metaphors are but some of the poetic devices students explored in creative writing projects in their Grade-7 English Language Arts class. Personalized Learning Principles were used during the Poetry Unit: students learned by inquiry, used technology, and chose how to present their learning and understanding of poetry.
One of the choices was to enter their poems to this "Anthology of Colours," in celebration of their achievements and to share their work.


About the Author

Gerry Bates
EchoPrints Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

I have a passion for painting and photography. There is beauty everywhere. Infinite opportunities exist to put images on canvas or film. In education, photography is also a way of documenting the learning that takes place inside and outside the classroom. Documenting the changes in nature, in rural and urban landscapes, and in the environment in general, I consider as essential as photograpy as an Art form.

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