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Selected Black and White Journals Vol 1, 1978 – 2008.
Graeme Cooper

Introduction by Graeme Russell:
"Cooper's photographic journals have an educated feel about them but it's not in your face, as they say. The palette is refined. There is an assuredness but it's delicate. Existentialism, humanism and humour are all at play here. The result is a body of work that is timeless because it deals with the fundamentals that are part of our fabric, our very fibre.

As the late, great American photography curator, historian and art critic John Szarkowski put it: "A new generation of photographers has directed the documentary approach toward more personal ends. Their aim has been not to reform life, but to know it. Not to persuade but to understand". (1)

Graeme Cooper applies his craft within this rich tradition and long may this continue."

Graeme Russell.

(1) The New Documents Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, New York (1967), an exhibition featuring the works of Lee Friedlander, Diane Arbus and Garry Winogrand.


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Graeme Cooper
graemecooper UK

Publish Date  June 16, 2010

Dimensions  Large Format Landscape  80 pgs Premium Paper, matte finish

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leesouthgate says

simply the best !!!!

posted at 07:50am Aug 09 PST


leesouthgate says

simply the best !!!!!

posted at 07:49am Aug 09 PST


lindsya says


posted at 10:49am Aug 06 PST


MartinaVidal says

Very nice Graeme .. like it very much. Tranquile and non agressive, just like your nature as I remember you !
Gave me the incentive to create my own !

posted at 08:21am Aug 06 PST


timboxtwo says

I haven't seen this site before, oh man there's so many publications here. any attempt is brave and deserving of praise, just for effort and engagement with the world through a medium I dearly love. That said, it's inevitable that many quickly fall into cliché.

What I like about your book Graham is it's honesty and lack of pretentious conceit, like the diarist's assertion 'I was here and this is how I saw it' so that in time, as a whole, it reveals your own state of being. These types of photo works, as in literature, rely on the charisma of the author in making their view of the world interesting, I think you have achieved this successfully. It's a personal photo journal that is satisfying to the reader and as noble an excuse for a publication as any. Good luck.

posted at 06:34am Aug 06 PST


andywardle says

cool book Graeme, right up my street!

posted at 05:12am Aug 06 PST


Dior3255 says

Nice Work. Good Luck!!!!

posted at 04:36am Aug 06 PST


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