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Once upon a time 23-year-old Erica Derrickson set out for India with a plane ticket, her life in a backpack, and a burning desire to explore. Her first book, India: A Thousand Words, presents Erica’s photographic journey over a period of two months as she traveled from ocean to city, from desert to swamp, from the mountains to the marketplace and everywhere in between. Vibrant with color and detail, Thousand Words depicts the beauty of India through the eyes of Erica Derrickson with a raw intensity that intends to shed light on the enigmatic allure of this magnificent country.


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Erica Derrickson
erica_d Often Boston
I love seeing the world anew through the lens of my camera. I find that there's something very raw yet articulated about the art of photography, and I love how it facilitates an experience of the beauty of the world in a whole new way. I feel very passionate about sharing the beauty I see in my world, because I sincerely believe that people derive value from being exposed to beauty. My intention with my photography is to bring value to the lives of my audience. If nothing more, I would hope that my photography might inspire my audience to gain a better appreciation for the beauty in their own worlds.

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erica_d says

Hi! If you've found yourself inspired by any of the images in this book and would like to own a print or two (prices as low as $3!) please visit my brand spankin' new site Everything from 4x6 prints to huge mounted ready-to-hang prints, plus other cool products like postcards, tote bags, mugs, ceramic tiles, etc. I hope my images bring inspiration and value to your life! XOXO

posted at 01:31pm Sep 03 PST


erica_d says

Thank you thank you thank you!!! I am so grateful to every one of you for your kind words. It means a lot to me that you took the time to leave a comment!
@redtreeme - your words are like poetry! I'm honored to have inspired such lovely words! Thanks for voting!
@errokem - awwww, shucks, that's so sweet of you to say. Each photo really is a window into my soul, a reflection of my unique self, and I'm glad that you found value in seeing the world through my eyes! Thanks for the lovely comment <3

posted at 01:20pm Sep 03 PST


errokem says

Erica D!!! your photos are cool!!! your happiness is mirrored in your photos in a way I've never noticed in any photographer's work! very very cool!!!

posted at 11:48am Sep 03 PST


redtreeme says

Subtle detailed photographs complimented with a narrative that encompasses the essence of the story. Wonderful book. I am so glad to have this opportunity to vote for you.

posted at 06:59am Aug 20 PST


erica_d says

Thank you all so much! Each one of your comments has gone straight to my heart :)

posted at 08:01pm Aug 19 PST


icedfireball says

I said before you make a great photographer.

posted at 09:31am Aug 19 PST


Oremualdo says

Namaste Erica
Is a thousand words enough for india.. does it deserve silent or just a OM mantra...
Very nice shots there !

posted at 05:55am Aug 16 PST


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