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A few people have asked me why the hell would I make a book about the things people post on the internet.
Basically I want to show the audience some of the things that people tend to waste their time on. Social networks take a huge amount of our time on a daily basis. People have needs to communicate whatever they feel, even some ridiculous stuff that, honestly, no-one cares about. A book is something physical that you can cherish, feel and keep for a long time. The internet on the other hand, is just a hologram, it exists but it doesn’t at the same time, you can’t feel the internet, you can’t keep the
internet, it will disappear eventually. You just might forget about that time when you posted at 2:47 in the morning when you saw your boyfriend cheating on you at that crazy house party.

This book features a number of strange, explicit and funny posts taken from social networks, for which I have made a different
response for each one, some of them don’t even link with the title of the post!. Also, there are a couple of blank pages for you and your friends to fill in with your thoughts, drawings or
whatever you want to fill them with, is your job to finish this book :).


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