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Once in every life, I guess... you have to man up and show people what you're made of. As much as I've resisted... you know me, "let the pictures speak for themselves"... the time seems to be now. It's an odd thing, making the decision and then culling a life's worth of work, but it also makes you realize how much life, music, culture you've been a witness to.
The show is called Eyes Wide Open. I like to say "what you see depends on how you look..."
You know, that's the thing about what we do: what we see is often the very best it can be.


About the Author

scarpati the world
He wanted to be a painter. He wanted to be a rock star. He ended up being neither – and both. Scarpati, whose images span four waves of modern music and have become some of the most enduring iconics of metal, rock and punk, was raised in New Jersey, came of age in San Diego, gained notoriety in Los Angeles, now calls the world his home and Nashville his return address. His work has been cited by The Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone and PDN.

Publish Date  June 21, 2010

Dimensions  Large Square  84 pgs Premium Paper, lustre finish

Category  Arts & Photography

Comments (6)


hiah1974 says

With its imagery alone, Eyes Wide Open is a provocative piece of work that pulls you in and starts your engine revving. Each turn of the page tossing you into an entirely different direction, while still maintaining the cohesiveness of the book as a whole. Then you have the commentary bringing you in for a behind the scenes look at the work involved in creating each image. The combination of photograph and written word is a powerful one and you’ll easily find yourself sucked in to each story and enjoying the ride. Read it cover to cover in a single sitting. Good stuff indeed.

posted at 08:26pm Sep 06 PST


redtreeme says

There is meaning and feeling in every shot. Crafted to perfection. Excellent.

posted at 02:37pm Aug 18 PST


freshdzn says

Simply amazing!

posted at 05:00am Aug 05 PST


korby says

What a cool combination of talent and candor. Have you ever wondered what what the photographer was thinking when he shot your favorite rock star or album cover? This book is something of a kiss-and-tell, where the author talks about what went into his shots, some of which defined the most important moments in punk, prog and rock. The photos are beautiful, but the commentary is at turns funny, sad, or just sort of weird. I really enjoyed the whole experience.

posted at 02:36pm Jun 29 PST


rorywhite says

Have you ever dreamed you were chilling with Tom Jones in a Las Vegas hot tub filled with Himalayan bath salts sipping on a cold raspberry liquor twirling a tissue-paper umbrella? Its stimulating. Part anthology, part art project, part show program and worthy of keeping its territory marked clearly on any coffee table. It is an exploration of the science of modern printmaking dove-tailed with a Scarpati's dynamic image-making career. I was 12 years old rocking out to my older brother's record collection, admiring the creativity of album covers like Rush's 'Presto' and 'Rolling the Bones'. Now the creator of those images has published a book that serves as a guide for creative image making and innovative photo finishing but remains an art book with a steady supply of wit.

posted at 08:51am Jun 24 PST


Apalach says

Very cool--great images and imagery! Thanks.

posted at 07:20pm Jun 21 PST


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