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Cities are places where people gather. Los Angeles County is over 4,000 square miles with 10,000,000 people living in 88 cities and the places in between, the unincorporated areas. The individual jurisdictions all blend into one contiguous mass of city with individual neighborhoods struggling to maintain their own identity. The city teems with people in constant motion from home to work to shop to school to exercise to home to work to beach to movie to home to work to run errands . . .

To see everyday life, I catch fragments of the city as I pass by, observing that we don’t look like people on television or in the movies. These images are about daily life in Los Angeles as we are. For more, visit


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billjohnsonp Los Angeles, California

I make images for people who enjoy dramatic moments in nature. I am a fine art landscape photographer working in large format to produce images suitable for corporate use in lobbies, conference rooms and offices.

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