Click to preview Bigger Big Small Business Ivan Zoot's 52 Week Road Map To Small Business Greatness Year 2 Weeks 53 through 104 pocket and trade book

This is my year two business builder book. 1 great business tip per week for 52 weeks, week 53 through 104, the second year. This is a follow-up companion book to my first 52 week buisness builder book for weeks 1 through 52. Use these tips to make your big small business an even biggher big small business.


About the Author

Ivan Zoot
Clipperguy Buffalo Grove, IL

I built up and sold off my own very successful, big small business. My new book, Big Small Business, Ivan Zoot"s 52 Week Road Map to Small Business Greatness is an actionable tool for taking your businesss from wherever it is today to unprecidented levels of prosperity and prestige. Put it to work for your business and reap the profits. For less than the cost of a fast food dinner for a family of four you can leverage the secrets of my success.

Publish Date  June 27, 2010

Dimensions  Pocket  74 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Business


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