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This book is a photo-essay taken in the older sections of Waikumete (New Zealand's largest cemetery) where the graves have suffered from time, weather and vandalism. I look at these shattered and weed-encrusted graves. Memories erode like the headstones under years of winter storms. We move further from our past, from the great-great uncles and aunts. Families move away or are captured by daily schedules and the need to care for the living over the dead.

The electronic age has made us more mobile and has given us infinite distractions to fill our days. It is easy to get caught in the internet's fast pace and semblance of immortality.

Where does honoring the reminder of a loved one's passing fit in our lives in this electronic age of fast food and fast living.

Walk with me and look at some of these damaged graves. Pay homage to the memory of those who have gone before. Contemplate how precious each day of our life is. Think about family and friends who have gone before you. Take a walk and remember in this photographic essay about life and death.


About the Author

Alex Whisman
pinepig Auckland, New Zealand
I moved to New Zealand to be with my wife in 2001 and have had fun capturing the unique beauty that is Aotearoa. We are both into our photography. I shoot as Pinepig Studio and she as Spiritsdance Studio, together we are Pinedance Studios. I enjoy shooting a variety of subjects and hope to bring as much as I can of this beautiful country to family, friends and strangers. My main topic are landscapes, but I also focus on plants and flowers, antiques, patterns, textures and anything that draws my attention. My camera of choice is a Pentax K10D, which I've enjoyed using. Take a virtual trip through the wonders of this land in one of my books. All are set to full preview.

Comments (3)


pinepig says

Thank you Dun125 & Shutterpugs for your complements!

posted at 12:54am Jul 07 PST


shutterpugs says

Cemeteries have always fascinated me... particularly the old cemeteries with headstones that are sometimes so worn that it is hard to read them or tumbling into disrepair. You have captured them well.

Makes me wonder if in the future we may be remembered in cyberspace rather than in local cemeteries. Your book has both sentimental as well as historic value. Bravo!

posted at 07:16am Jul 04 PST


dun125 says

This book looks quite interesting

posted at 03:54pm Jul 01 PST

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