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So much abstract photography is a bit po-faced and humourless. This book overturns the rock that is the abstract image, and finds all sorts of characters, situations, and emotions crawling about underneath.
If you like a good dollop of wordy sauce with your image pie, and enjoy seeing above and beyond the surface, have a laugh at these untold stories ... and make up a few of your own.


About the Author

kate mellersh

I take photos because I have to.

The devil is in the detail ... I enjoy form, texture, geometry, colour, shadow, line and light. My approach is unwaveringly abstract, and sometimes wilfully quirky.

Titling is a large part of the image. Check out my flickr page to see what I mean.

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leopanta says

fantastic work, kate! I like it.

posted at 07:31am Apr 07 PST


dcgene says

Fantastic work Kate! Great idea to give life to abstract images and your humour is a must! Bravo!

posted at 03:32pm Aug 21 PST


katemellersh says

thanks both for your kind words! And tom, a comparison with Alan Bennett is something I shall treasure - you know that's a vast compliment. Thank you. x

posted at 03:31pm Jul 05 PST


daruma3 says

Oh my Lo. You've caught the Blurb bug for sure - and I'm not the only one who's happy about that. I love seeing your work contained within two covers like this. The humour is there for all to enjoy but there's also the sad and serious too. If Alan Bennett took pics and then did Blurb then this is what I'd expect from him. (For fear of misunderstanding let me assure you that was intended to be a compliment!!)

I know what Stan is saying but for me what you've done is what I hoped for. For one thing, I don't accept that a rigid structure is what the book needs nor do I think it's what you'd be happy to accept! For me it all flows nicely right now. So bravo, Kate, but damn you for setting the bar so high :-) xx

posted at 07:44am Jul 05 PST


rvfinzi says

great work, kate! I love the concept that "keep all together", and I like the subtle humour in your titles and in your "way" of looking at things - congratulations! :-)

posted at 02:53am Jul 05 PST


katemellersh says

thanks Stan for your thoughts! I really appreciate you spending the time to let me know what you think ... I have a lot more photos on my stream on Flickr which have more personal titles - especially with 'I' and 'you'.
For this book, it was a deliberate choice both to go with the more 'fictionalised' stories, with a variety of names ... part of the fun for me is the associations I have with different names, and playing with that. The prominence of the titling was also deliberate, though I take your point about visual impact ... My other photo book, which is much more about the images, made the titles tiny and unobtrusive. Maybe somewhere between the two would be worth considering.
I'll have a good think about it. I think I'm now addicted to making books, so there are sure to be more.
Thanks again for letting me know your thoughts.
Best wishes

posted at 07:19am Jul 02 PST


stannseniors says

The pictures in your book are amazing. As a reader (with an art background) I would like to be hypercritical so your book could be even more aesthetically pleasing and an easier read. I want to see the photos first when I turn a page....THAT is what you want to impact people.....let them get a feel for it and then suprise them with the wording about it. The words are so big and bold right now that all I'm seeing are the words first. It's disappointing for the reader to draw their eye away from the photo. Let them find the words as part of the art. And there are too many names I don't know - "he" and "her "and "she" and "him " and even "I" on more of them would be better so the reader can put their own personal experiences with these....maybe people they know or themselves. Do you see what I'm saying. I loved the concept of your book and the pictures are beautiful. I have no right to even stick my nose in here but I thought you should know how I felt looking at it so you could even make it better. Good luck with your photography - you are a true artist!

posted at 06:22am Jul 02 PST

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