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I photographed myself every day for a year throughout 2009. This is my entire project in photos and text. This journey has been intense scary and amazingly rewarding all at once. I am humbled by the support and love it received.


About the Author

Roni River Photographer
Roniriver Tel Aviv Israel
Im a self portrait photographer and I'm now selling my 365 book of self portraits.

Publish Date  July 05, 2010

Dimensions  Small Square  416 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Fine Art Photography

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ckabrianis says

love it Roni... keep up the great work


posted at 12:20am Sep 28 PST


cpaiva says

Spi-V. I do not remember exactly when I came across this picture on Flickr. Anyway, I remember well
I can feel the clouds with great art being expressed from the outside.
That's right, outside to inside.
For, in the foreground everyone looks its beautiful curves, then to see better,
faced with emotions fprtes transmitted through photography, even of his

She is naked and raw.
Shows up and picture yourself in the most primitive and beautiful that a woman could be revealed.

Her nakedness in contrast, is pure.
Nudity is not a profane as the others, so whenever logo on Flickr (365 days per
years), also inside a world you created, and until now never been disappointed with what

Not to mention the beautiful land you live in Israel. ;)

Congratulations on everything.

And so you can always delight us with his body (which is the purest and most provocative art)!

My Twitter: @ cristianopaiva

Your biggest fan from BRAZIL.

posted at 03:40pm Sep 24 PST


cpaiva says

SPI-V. אני לא זוכר בדיוק מתי נתקלתי בתמונה הזו בפליקר. בכל אופן, אני זוכר היטב
אני יכול להרגיש את העננים עם יצירות האמנות הגדולות לידי ביטוי מבחוץ.
זה נכון, מבחוץ פנימה.
עבור, את כולם בחזית נראה עקומות היפה שלו, ואחר כך כדי לראות טוב יותר,
מתמודד עם רגשות fprtes המועבר דרך הצילום, אפילו של שלו

היא עירומה גלם.
מראה למעלה דמיין את עצמך הפרימיטיבי ביותר ויפה שאישה יכולה להתגלות.

מערומיה לעומת זאת, היא טהורה.
עירום הוא לא גס כמו האחרים, ולכן בכל פעם הלוגו בפליקר (365 ימים לכל
שנים), גם בתוך העולם שיצרת, ועד עכשיו לא היה מאוכזב מה

שלא לדבר על ארץ יפה אתה חי בישראל. ;)

מזל טוב על הכול.

וכך אתה יכול תמיד תענוג לנו עם הגוף שלו (המהווה את האמנות הטהורה פרובוקטיבי ביותר)!


Seu fã do BRAZIL.

posted at 03:39pm Sep 24 PST


Oremualdo says

Very nice concept Roni...
it's a huge autoportrait work !
All the best

posted at 03:29am Aug 16 PST


beenah says

you are amazing- i looooove you!!!

posted at 08:44am Aug 15 PST


rafael2roni says

I didn't know about this web site. I have just registered here to write a comment about this book and its author. I'm a Roni's Family and Friend since 3 months ago. Since three months ago, I've been seeing her photographs on a daily basis, because Roni's works have impressed me deeply. Her autoportraits and her comments about them are so honest and each of her photos so personal and intimate that reveal her personality as must be in any autoportrait. This shy lady has no set the rules about autoportraits, but she is following then in a very creative way. If one day Roni decide to make portraits and is able of penetrate the personality of the subjects as she does with her self (doing it with oneself is harder), she will get portraits so psychological as the ones Velazquez painted in the XVII century. I strongly recommend this book.

posted at 08:33pm Jul 05 PST


e6stock says

I love this book of you! Congrats! XOXO

posted at 05:12pm Jul 05 PST


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